PRODUCT OF TIME is a professional, people-focused team, connected by ‘Our Values’, which are based around a genuine, heartfelt love of the food business.

For us, the opening of a restaurant is just the beginning. We believe in the process of striving to attain our ideals and this philosophy applies to all areas of the food industry.

When you are trying to achieve something, you need goals, and of course such things are important in business. However, it’s impossible for a team that doesn’t value the process to enjoy the food business.

We feel that the food business is meaningless if it isn’t fun for everyone involved: culinary staff, customer service staff, and managerial and back office staff.Therefore, we always value the process of striving to achieve our ideals and our values, which connect us, regardless of age difference, experience, nationality, religion, gender, and sexuality.

We are a professional, process-based team that enjoys the food business through the management of our core values.

President and CEO Tomoyoshi Sen


  • 1Seek someone/something that is pleased, trusted or cherished by people.
    (This is the type of person who wants to please you and our customers, who always speaks the truth, and who cherishes you and the team.)
  • 2Demand growth from yourself and your team. Always.
    (People who do this create new customer value and make themselves and the team grow mentally, technologically and financially.)
  • 3It’s meaningless if it isn’t fun.
    (Completely meaningless.)
  • 4Strive for equality and fairness regardless of experience, nationality, religion, gender and sexuality.
    (You will be seen as equal and fair.)
  • 5Cherish your health.
    (Because you are involved in the food business.)
  • 6Welcome pro-activity.
    (People who solve problems that exist in the team instead of ignoring them and who introduce new technology, knowledge, and skill, improve the productivity of you and the team)
  • 7Value process over goals. Uphold our values and demand them along with knowledge and skill from your teammates.
    (Because these are your values)


Company name Productoftime Co., Ltd.
Address 〒141-0022
Wistaria Higashigotanda Bldg. #8A 1-21-9 Higashigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 141-0022, Japan
TEL 03-5791-7625
FAX 03-5791-7627
Business contents A job that entertains us and our customers, which is mainly based in managing restaurants, planning and creating businesses.